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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our business and who we are.

   Real Life Taxidermy LLC, is a family owned and operated company.  We started our business in the summer of 2007 to share the love of of nature we have and our unique way to preserve your game has made us a success that we are today.  Lucky for us we were blessed to be located in Northeast Tennessee in the heart of Johnson County, a favorite destination for many game hunters and outdoor enthusiast alike.

We started out as just a taxidermy shop that has grown to be the only   "One Stop Shop" in our region.  We credit our success to having so many satisfied customers and friends who have passed around by word of mouth our services. Thanks to that blessing, we now have our taxidermy and game meat processing shop located all in one new facility.

As a family that hunts too, we know how time can be limited and it is hard find the time, or someone that will take the care you would to process and package your game. We especially know how great is when your maybe out of town on vacation doing your hunting and have a easy solution to process your game. That is were we come in. Let us do the work and you enjoy the results.  

Our family has always been avid lovers of the outdoors and wildlife. So much so, that we had wanted to share our knowledge and talents with others in our own special way. To preserve those special memories for others as well that wanted to keep to pass on to their own future generations. So we have taken our love of all that nature offers and the traditions of our family's way of life and pass it down now to you.  The results of our work shows in the special care and handling of our customers orders which brings them back again and again. We thank all those who have let us serve themthe pleasure has been ours.

We thank you for stopping by.  Please enjoy our site and we look forward to serving you in our shop.

The Sholar Family.

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