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Real Life Taxidermy
  Welcome to Real Life Taxidermy,
  My name is Eric Sholar.  I am the owner/operator of "Real life taxidermy & game processing LLC"
Thank you for your interest in my taxidermy work.  How did I get into this business you ask?   It all started when I was around 12 years old,. When my dad use to take me hunting and fishing.  In all that time of growing up I had learned to appreciate the things nature had offered and I had passed those tradition down to my two sons and my daughter. My art in taxidermy helped preserve those memories of our time in the great outdoors.

  Now I want to bring to you my many years of expertise in taxidermy, that can help bring your own memories to life.
I only use the finest quality forms & materials to preserve your trophies. I am located in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee a favorite destination for many game hunters and outdoor enthusiast alike. Living here, listening to my customers needs have given me a unique opportunity to recreate gods creations in its natural splendor.

  Please browse through my gallery and read the testimonies of my past customers.
As a new customer I would be proud to add your name in my gallery show case & testimonies.

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Price list for taxidermy.

Game Shoulder Half Life Size
White Tail Deer $325 $675 $1500
Mule Deer $425 $1000 $1700
Elk $650 $1200 $2400
Boar $500 $950 $1600
Fox $275   $425
Coyote $275   $425
Bob Cat $275   $425
Bear (Black) $500 $800 $1700
Bear(Brown) $1200 $2700 $5000
Big Horn Sheep $500 $950 $1500
Long Horn (Steer or Cow) $650   Call for price
Buffalo $1000   Call for price
Caribou $650 $1200 $2400
Squirrel $150. (Any Pose)  
Birds Life Size    
Strutting Turkey $500    
Flying Turkey $500    
Turkey Fan & Beard Mount $125    
Turkey Half Body $250    
$8 an Inch, 18 inch minimum      
We have a 11 inch minimum for all fish reproductions starting at $10 a inch      
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